Neighborhood Watch Program


Neighborhood Watch groups are formed within the Neighborhood Association and are smaller entities than the entire neighborhood. So far our neighborhood has Neighborhood Watch groups functioning in the vicinities of:

  • Ticonderoga and Syracuse Drives
  • Yorktown Drive
  • Kelsey Drive

For more information on the Cherryhill Neighborhood Watch Program, call or email Doris Tan, 650.208.9228,; or Kyle Welch, 408.481.9700, Street Leads and Volunteers: Barbara Grimes, Terry Sturtevant, Karen Nguyen, Mark Tran, Nina Swendig, Fritz Stawitcke.

Neighborhood Watch Mission Statement

National Neighborhood Watch Institute, NNWI, is dedicated to supplying Crime Prevention Materials to aid in the reduction of criminal activity both Domestically and Internationally. We offer a cohesive Neighborhood Watch program involving: training materials, window warning decals, work sheets and quality street signs. Additionally, we have been the first to offer Homeland Security street signs. NNWI also offers Operation ID decals and property logs. All our products are designed to assist the crime prevention professional, as well as the public, in the process of crime prevention. We strive to provide excellent educational materials and products that build observation and reporting skills, as well as signage warning of the obvious presence of crime prevention activities.